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We are a family run business who offer a turnkey service from assessing the clients needs to supplying and installing the worlds most innovative and quality products, to creating an environment that encourages optimal productivity in the workplace, and comfort in the home and office We supply and install most household brand names of Air-conditioners. Window-wall, mid-wall splits, under ceiling and package units as well as the new innovative multi VRV systems, which are the most efficient for up market homes and offices.



Our objective has always been quality workmanship and excellent service backup. We therefore take care to leave your property as clean as when we started. All our technicians are undergoing a certified training program administered by Daikin and LG. These courses concentrate on the necessary knowledge and skills set required to operate as professionals.


 Are Air conditioners expensive to run?

Obviously air conditioners are most economical to run in the cooler months of the year. However, all new Air conditioners use less energy than before in all capacity ranges. Units can be run from as little as R 2.65 a day.
The rate, as at Aug 2008, was 47.38c/kWh (i.e. 1 Kilowatt hour). A 12,000 BTU Split Wall unit draws up to 1,12 Kw and assuming it runs for 5 hours a day, the power consumption = 5 x 1,12 = 5,6 units. Therefore, Cost = 5,6 x 47.38c = R 2,65 per day for a 5 hour usage. Split air-conditioner units do not have heating elements, they use reverse cycle technology. However, the units that are fitted use only one third of the power required for a similar capacity conventional heater

Wall - mounted type
Ceiling - mounted cassette type
Outside units

 What size air-conditioner do you need?

For a precise assessment of the size of air-conditioner required we will do a free on site assessment, as there are a number of different factors to take into consideration. The following information will however, give you a estimated guide to the air conditioner capacity required for a particular room in your home or office. First multiply the length of your room/office by the width to obtain the m² then use the table below to estimate the size unit you will require.

Approx Room Size

• 15 to 18m²
• 20 to 25m²
• 30 to 35m²
• 40 to 45m²
• 55 to 60m²

Air conditioner size required


There are factors to take into account that may affect the size required. These would include:

• Whether there is a high ceiling (over 3m)
• Exposure to direct sunlight (via large or many windows)
• Curtains and blinds installed.
• Roofing type (e.g. tin or tile)
• Insulated/Non-insulated ceiling.
• Type of building construction.
• Number of people in area and level of activity.
• Extraction and intake of air.
• Electrical equipment in use.


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